The idea of moving to another country is exciting, adventurous and fun, well except when reality sinks in and you have to do the actual move. I thought I would include things that I have had to do before the Big Move, some things I am sure are a no-brainer and others, are unique to moving overseas. This list is just the start, and I will add more as I think of them:

  • Rent a storage unit: Since we don’t know how long we will be in Lima, we figured that we would rent a storage unit for all of our belongs, and if we decide to stay there for a while, hire movers (or have a gigantic garage sale).
  • Forwarding the mail: So do I forward it to Lima? If so, will it take a ridiculously long time to reach us? So we opted to have our mail go to the folks
  • Storing the car: Scratch that, Selling the car: We originally talked about selling the car, but then thought it would be best to go to the in-laws, because it will be paid off next April.  Then we thought about it some more, and then decided to sell it.  Wise decision, wise decision
  • The dogs: Thankfully, there is no quarantine in Peru, for which I am very grateful. We have to obtain international health certificates for the two of them, dated no earlier then 10 days before the flight. They have to be updated with their shots between 30 days and 1 year ago. They will be flying with me as either excess baggage or via the Continental Quikpak program.
  • Cancel all utilities: same for all moves
  • US debt: I had the hair-brained idea to pay off all our debts before we received our travel stipend. Now we are in a pickle in regards to putting down a deposit for our apartment.
  • Books: as all academic folks know, this is the bulk of our shipping. So apparently USPS has an M-bag program , where I can pack up to 77 lbs in one bag and send it almost anywhere in the world.  This is the cheapest way to go, significantly cheaper then with UPS or DHL or FedEx.
  • Clean the apartment: everyone has to do this, such is the nature of renting apartments
  • Massive goodwill run: I wonder if I can fit it in Erica’s car (who so gracious loaned her vehicle to me since we sold the car)