So we are assuming that I will not be leaving on July 5th as planned, considering I haven’t received my flight information and it’s less then a week away.  I’m bummed, frustrated and sad that I have to be away from Jason for even longer, and I have to postpone the trip. I am ready to go, damnit!

Yes, yes, I know, I know; I will be there soon enough, but this limbo I am stuck in sucks. I am staying at a friend’s house, which I am ever so grateful for (they have cable and a bed), because there is nothing but cleaning supplies, condiments and a blow up bed at our apartment.

And since I am not leaving as scheduled, this puts a snafu in the international health certificates for the dogs.  They have to be dated no more then 10 days in advance, so I will have to do the entire thing all over again. I guess I am glad that it happened today, before I drove down to Indy and spent the $36 to have the USDA stamp it.

On the upside, maybe I will get a little more time to mail the books and will get a little more time with my friends (although at this point, I am sure that they are wondering if I am ever going to leave, LOL).

But the dogs seem to be rather happy at this point in time (I think they have forgiven me for the disappearance of Jason). 

Stray Jones

Miranda Jones