The bureaucracy of getting the dogs out of customs/shipping was ridiculous.  It took Jason over 6 hours of running around to get it done.  Nonetheless, they are here with us now, getting used to the noise and the elevator.

The university set us up with a fabulous translator, who helped Jason through customs and then also helped us with setting up the internet.  We are sooooo lucky to have found her, and she is super inexpensive (I would imagine this type of service in the US would cost like $35-$50 an hour, whereas here it is $20 an hour). She also referred me to her dentist who speaks English!

Oh and the best thing, she showed us someone who can unlock my iPhone.  I was so sad to see my iPhone go, and apparently, I will be able to use it here (if I want to spend the money for a smart phone that is).

Now anyone who knows me knows I like things that are hot.  Well, Peru has the most amazing hot pepper, the aji pepper.  They put it in mustard, on chicken, in sauces, and it is so delicious.  It is certainly not for the faint of heart, because it does pack quite a punch, but oh man, it is freakin’ delicious.