Yesterday Peru played Colombia in the Copa America, so we wanted to go out to see the game.  We decided to stop by a nice restaurant that advertised either 4 cervezas or 2 pisco sours + ceviche (either hot or cold) for .40 soles.  We ended up staying for the entire game, enjoying the long lunch that the Peruvian’s really enjoy (usually 1 – 3 pm). Now if you know the conversion rate and you also enjoy a good cocktail, you will realize that this is an amazing deal, at $15.00.  

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Some of the challenges that we are currently facing are that moving is very expensive, especially moving to another country.  Our deposit for our apartment was $1800, and we had to pay first month’s rent.  Yikes.  Also, we had to start up our internet (because otherwise we felt lost, LOL), get food, spices, cleaning supplies, etc., not to mention all the things we had to pay for to get the dogs out of customs, books shipped, Spanish classes (so I can get a taxi or go to the dentist/doctor if need be) and extra baggage on the plane. We can only hope that the Visa stuff gets processed soon, so the paychecks will start coming in.  However, we are grateful we decided to sell the car, otherwise we’d be SOL. Thankfully, the cost of living here is significantly cheaper then it is in the US, so we’ll be able to pay off our moving expenses in, oh, a year.

Also, nothing ever really gets dry here…there is a constant damp in the air, so the laundry (which we have to air dry) takes days to finally dry.  And the hot water heater is run off of natural gas, a propane tank, and it gets used up after one shower.  So one of us has to shower at night, the other in the morning.

A 2 weird things to get used to: the lack of clean water.  So instead of running our toothbrush under the water, we have to dip it in listerine.  And you cannot flush your toilet paper.  This is a very difficult task for me to remember—I need to make up a reminder sign!

Tomorrow I am starting the Spanish immersion class, so hopefully I will be somewhat conversational in no time.  I will be posting more information on that as well as the agriculture of the area in the next couple of days.