I had this nice long post about the agriculture, with pictures and everything, but the internet ate it.  Stupid internet…the bane of my existence right now.

Anyway, this week was my first week at  Hispana, where I am taking a 2 week Spanish immersion class.  I go from 9 am to 1 pm, Monday-Friday, and the class only has two students.  One of which is Russian, and it’s not me. I am really enjoying my studies there, and I am learning so much. It’s rather informal; we do a lot of conversing in Spanish (well Mike, the Russian and Irene my professor do a lot of conversing and I do a lot of listening), as well as written work.   I hope to continue with it for more weeks if we can manage to scrape together some money to do so (it’s rather expensive, but so worth it…I have learned so much already and its only been 4 days).  Otherwise, I am going to do what Jason is doing, and participate in the Conversation Exchange.  I definitely want to keep listening, speaking and writing so I am constantly at practice.  It will definitely help me adjust faster and easier.

One of the complications we encountered this week is the internet…again.  So we purchased a year of internet, but little did we know that it comes with a limited amount of data, sort of like an iPhone plan.  So of course, we ran through that in a matter of days.  Now we have to go to a different company to see if we can get a cable modem, and just use the jump drive modem for my iPhone.  But that is much easier said then done, since neither one of us speaks enough Spanish to do it on our own.  However, we have met a great translator who charges $20 an hour to help people like us bumbling folk from the US. Best $20 we can spend.

Another complication is the aqua caliente.  We have a propane tank that heats all the hot water in the apartment.  Well, of course I didn’t realize that and tried to do laundry, cook and take hot showers, so needless to say, we blew through the hot water rather quickly.  Thankfully, the maintenance man is awesome, and ordered the tank for me.  It was delivered in less then an hour and cost s/37.50, which is about $10, I think (the conversion is ~s/2.71 to $1).

Things I miss and could really use are: 1) a Swiffer…OMG I would kill for one of these right now, because the dog hair is atrocious, especially with the wood laminate flooring 2) Febreeze…since stuff doesn’t really get all that dry, the moldy/mildewy smell is difficult to get rid of, but a can of Frebreeze could do wonders 3) Clorox wipes…we can get them here, but they are ridiculously expensive (not in US terms but in Peruvian terms), and we cannot/don’t want to justify the cost 4) hypoallergenic laundry detergent…Now, I am sure that this is somewhere, probably in the baby aisle, but I haven’t found it yet, and I spend most of the day and night itchy.  It sucks.

This weekend we plan on heading to a show called Circo de los Horror this weekend, because it seems right up my alley (I mean, after all, who doesn’t enjoy a good show that includes horror stuff and crazy Cirque de Soleil stuff, right? RIGHT?!).