I thought I would write a list of places that we have eaten, considering we have not been to the same restaurant more then once.  And just keep in mind that it is significantly cheaper to eat out here then in the US, so much so, that it is just about as cost effective as cooking at home.

  • San Antonio in Miraflores
  • Las Terrazas in Barranco
  • Pampa de Amancaes in Miraflores
  • Saqra in Miraflores (in an area called “The Jazz Zone“)
  • Pardo’s Chicken (sort of like the Peruvian version of Boston Market)
  • Bembo’s (Peru’s answer to fast food hamburgers—so delicious)
  • Tanta’s in Miraflores: owned by the famous Peruvian Chef, Gaston Acurio (see pic)
  • Antiqua Bodega Dalmacia in Miraflores
  • Fiesta (Jason and I celebrated our arrival here with this restaurant)
  • Sushi Ono in Miraflores
  • The Corner Bar (I haven’t eaten here, just drinks, but Jason has)–fingers crossed we can watch the Premiere League and US College Football games here

As we continue to explore restaurants in Lima, I will continue to update this post.  I have included links to the best of my ability, but many places don’t have sites or even reviews.