Thanks to my dearest friends Laurie and Allison, I will include a little post about the goofy things I have found…well they are goofy to me, but probably not to Limeños.

  1. The butt washer: When we first moved in, I was like, “what is this thing next to the toliet? It certainly cannot be a butt washer, can it?” Jason: “No way, how would that work? It has to be something for cleaning right?” Me: “Yes, definitely.”  So I proceeded to ask a friend from Colombia (Marle!!), who informed me that, yes, it is a butt washer (see pic). Needless to say, our butts have been very clean.
  2. We have been spoiled in the US by being able to pay bills online.  We have to go to the bank here, and deposit the money directly into someone’s account.  Quite often, we have to visit different banks, because each company has their own negotiations with the banks.
  3. We have a convection oven instead of a conventional oven.  It is the most awesome thing ever (it only took me three days to figure it out).  It cooks chicken perfectly, so moist and delicious.  Rumor has it we can bake in it too, but I haven’t tried that yet.
  4. I decided to dye  my hair today, because I haven’t had the courage to visit a salon yet…it may or may not turn out purple.  The directions were written in two different forms of Spanish, I think? I’m still not sure though.  I will keep you updated.
  5. You have to negotiate with cab drivers before getting in the cab, but no cab will cost more then about $6, even if you are going 35 minutes away (the airport is the only exception). And some of them are bat shit crazy, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving at their own speeds, running lights/stop signs.
  6. The post office, Serpost, has held hostage one of our M-bags from the US—I guess we should be glad it was only one, considering we mailed 9.  We have to go in tomorrow to get it, and they charge for storage fees, LOL, something like S/.50 (or like 10 cents).

I’m sure there are a zillion more that I cannot think of right now.  Although Jason says I have ignored years of the feminist movement by being flattered that the men here whistle at me and call me beautiful—but frankly, it’s always nice to know you are pretty!