We spent about 2.5 hours this morning at the Serpost to collect our final M-Bag. We had to check-in by showing our passports and delivery notice, received 1 stamp. Then we had to go next door and make two copies of each, and then wait in the next line. At the next line, we get a stamp, and then have to make another copy of the passport. We go into another line, get a stamp and wait in another line. Get a stamp, pay 5 soles and then we got our packages. The Serpost workers are certainly not in any hurry to get anything done—seems this is the exact same as the US postal workers. And holy crap, the Peruvians love, I mean, LOVE stamps. We now have my cherished DVD series, Six Feet Under, all the Wii games and the external hard drive.  And just FYI, if you do send packages to Lima, make sure that the name on the package matches exactly as the name on the passport, otherwise issues can arise.

And in case you were wondering, I did find a salon, Encantos, here in Miraflores, to fix my horrible hair (thanks to a great stylist, Angie!). They bleached out all the color, treated it, cut it and re-colored it for under $150 (which is unheard of in the US at a decent salon).

Also, I cannot find nail polish or spot cleaner (for the carpets or for clothing) any where. I am going to try the Plaza Vea (which is like Wal-Mart), but if they aren’t there, then I am at a loss as to where to find it. Well that’s not entirely true, I believe I can find nail polish at the salon, but I have no clue what it’s called in Spanish and would rather avoid the pointing and grunting approach I used yesterday at the salon.

I did find my RX at a nicer pharmacy by the salon for about $22 per month (cheaper then my co-pay in the US), despite having visited another pharmacy who quoted me $200 a month (yeah right, no way!).