Yesterday, I had the inevitable moment of having to find a dentist.  Anyone that knows even a little bit about me, knows that I have the worst teeth.  So the second I have any pain, any pain at all, I go to the dentist (I’m trying to make sure I don’t wear dentures, which may be my future regardless).  I found a great dentist here in Miraflores, Dr. Carlos Cueva at  Odontodigital, that worked in the States and speaks perfect English.  He also has a state-of-the-art office, with all the newest technology, and for specialist sorts of needs like orthodontics or endodontics, he brings in those that are more qualified then him (instead of attempted to do it himself). He also phoned me today to see how I was feeling, just making sure that I was doing OK. And seriously, the visit, which included x-rays and consultation was $33.  The crown that needs replacing (which I knew before leaving the states) will cost $250, which is about $500 cheaper (if not more) then it would cost in the States.  Need dental work and planning on visiting us? Wait, do it here…even without insurance, it’s significantly cheaper here.

In other news, today I took a trip to the Plaza Vea, which is a small sort of Walmart (which I have previously mentioned, I think) in an attempt to get more minutes for Jason’s phone (which failed, either due to a communication error or they just don’t sell them there). Anyway, for $22 or s/.62.00, this is what I got ———————————>

And although I loafed around most of the day, watching The Wire and attempting to sign up for fantasy football with other expats in Lima, I did a job search.  I wasn’t really too serious, because I am not in a huge hurry, but I certainly do like to work and I would like to work here (although if I had my Master’s, I could possibly get a job at USIL…two Bachelor’s degrees = one Master’s degree, right?)