2 months, and the newness and thrill still has not worn off.  However, there are some dislikes, so I thought I would share:

  1. I miss being able to drink water from the tap
  2. The loudness of the city and our apartment usually doesn’t bother me, but last night a douchehead was stopped by the police outside, and the police decided to use their megaphone to yell at him (mind you it’s like 3 am).
  3. Holy dust Batman!  I thought Lafayette was bad, but it was nothing compared to here—the dust collects in sheets, overnight, and I hate having to dust every day (or I hate that I should have to dust every day).
  4. Front loading washer/dryer combo = stupid
  5. Not having a bank account here is annoying as all get up—we get charged every time we use our bank card/credit card for purchases to pull money out.  Although it isn’t like a million dollars, that stuff adds up quick, yo. Hopefully, the visa stuff will be done by the first of September.

Well it doesn’t seem appropriate to post just the dislikes, so I will add a few likes (although there are a lot more then I have time to list or that you care to read):

  1. The food—the Peruvians take pride in their food, and I now understand why; it’s incredible.
  2. It’s gorgeous—nothing like living by the beach, beautiful greenery, even in mid-winter
  3. I adore the big city, the culture, the busyness, the people watching—there is never a lack of things to do, even if it is just walking around
  4. Lima is a super dog friendly city…everyone is walking their dogs, grooming their dogs, dressing them up in goofy sweater and shoes (as previously mentioned)
  5. Being able to walk to the grocery store, tiendas, movie theatres, everything I could possibly need is within a 30 minute walking radius.