Yesterday I had an interview and landed a job teaching English with a local company.  Today I had an interview, and I landed another job teaching English.  The hours are crappy, 7-9 am and 5-9 pm, and not consistent (I could work just one day a week at first, but as I get better, I can pick up more hours), but it’s flexible,  it gets me out of the house, we will have some extra money to pay off debt/save and another check on my resume.

I also rode the combi today—this is a big deal, since we’ve been taking taxis everywhere.  I can honestly say that I like the combi a lot more then taxis.  I feel safer with all the people, I don’t have to worry about trying to give the driver directions, and it’s significantly cheaper (1 sole, that’s 36 cents) . I hope to make the combi my transportation of choice. If you haven’t been to this website yet: Rutus Recomendables, it’s a great place to go and learn about combis in Lima.  It has all the routes as well as the Metropolitano.  If you download the high resolution (for $5), you also get some decent coupons to local restaurants and recommendations for riding the combis and microbuses around Lima.

                                                     This is typical traffic here in Lima