Today I got to observe my first class. I look forward to teaching, and if I say so myself, I think I will be damn good at it.  My biggest dilemma is that I don’t have enough professional clothes…I haven’t had to wear any business attire for a while, and the stuff that I do have, I left in storage back home (my suitcase can only hold a certain amount of stuff, folks).

The biggest shocker? I have to buy shoes…seriously, I only brought one pair of heels (4 pairs of sandals and flip-flops, and for those of you who know me well, you know how much of a sacrifice it was to leave my shoes behind), and although they are my favorite pair of heels, I am now walking out of them. I don’t know how they got to be too big, because I only wore then a handful of times (could this be a result of weight loss, in my feet?).  I suppose Dr. Scholl’s inserts are in order (if I can find those here), and I hope they work to make shoes smaller (is this stupid for thinking?).  So I have to buy a pair of heels I can wear here or flats or something that will go with my business clothes. I have a cute pair of brown mary janes, but brown does not go with my slate pants and my gray sweaters (you should’ve seen me today in my white/purple striped shirt, slate gray pants, greenish cover and brown shoes. I was certainly a fashion train wreck). So next week, I will have to buy a pair of nice shoes and another pair of pants.

Also, to report back on the Metropolitano—very easy.  Like, really, really easy.  You get a card at the station, fill it with 10 soles, swipe it like a NYC subway, and voila! you are ready to go.  And next time I ride it, I don’t have to buy a card; I can just refill it.  Although I wish it went to more places, I can ride it to the National Museum and Central Lima.

Lastly, I am in the process of compiling a list of restaurants that are “must eats,” before our journey in Peru ends (which is at least 2 years). Here is the basic spreadsheet. As we eat, I will take pictures and give a review!