• I saw a man jogging this morning with 3 Dalmations—the most common dogs found around here seem to be schnauzers, shih tzus, beagles and dachshunds.
  • I cannot find a soup/stock pot. I’ve looked at most of the major stores with notmuch luck—I guess I will have to try the fancier, more expensive department stores. UDPATE!  Stock pot found at Plaza Vea (although it is bent out of shape and is the same metal as a cookie cutter, it will do!).
  • Tampons are a rarity around here and quite expensive UPDATE! I’m just blind!
  • The Limeños start their Saturday nights around 11:00 pm, as Jason found out last night.  They will continue to party until the wee hours of the morning
  • No matter how much or little money you have, if you don’t budget and plan, it’ll run out
  • There is no Pay-Per-View here, so the UFC fights are on cable
  • I really miss driving and having a car, despite the fact that the traffic is nutso (Suzuki Swift anyone?)
  • We visited a gigantic bazaar yesterday, called Polvos Azules, where you can buy anything and reminds me a lot of Itaewon (이태원)  in Seoul, Korea.
  • The dogs are required to take the stairs, and Miranda, was, at first, terrified, but now goes up and down like a champ.