Cocktail party was a success, except my sliders sucked (I hope no one judges me on cooking based on these little sandwiches).  The veggie sliders were much better, IMO.  And silly me forgot to take pictures until like 8 pm, and by that time, who cares about the food, especially with the most delicious Pisco I have had yet (it takes so much like good tequila, it’s unbelievable).

There was an eclectic mix of people from all over Lima to ex-pats from the US (thank you all for coming!).  There is one thing we all have in common: we are all teachers of some sort.  Here are some of the folks who were able to come, although by this time, several people had already left (so you either escaped the wrath of Mel and the camera or missed it, you decide).

After we finished at our place, we visited the absolutely gorgeous house of Jason’s boss and her three charming dogs (I just adore the daschund, but all three are very cute—chiweenie and a puppy blue mastiff). And from there we ended up eating a “late” dinner (I say late, because it was 10:30 pm, so to us gringos, 10:30 pm is late for dinner, but to Peruvian’s it’s normal).

Following dinner, we ended up at a chintzy night club/bar at the Larcomar (shh! don’t tell anyone), where we danced to a mix of Spanish/US pop music and 80’s music (think Madonna, Erasure and Michael Jackson) until 2:30ish and then headed home.

Success!  And today THE SUN!!  THE SUN!!