Ok, who am I kidding? I’m the maid, and I cleaned today. I suppose that is one nice thing about having a small apartment; it doesn’t take that long to clean. However, here in Lima, the dust accumulates about 5x faster then any place I have ever been before. So despite the fact that I dusted the entire house, I will wake up tomorrow morning with a new layer of dust sprinkled all over every thing. Lucky me!

I am using the Rosetta Stone, and my Spanish is coming along…very, very slowly. The doormen still laugh at me, but are nice enough to help me out, so I am grateful for that. I also try to feed them on occasion, although the last food I gave them was the sliders, and now I just feel bad…I have learned that to say, “that was delicious or very good, etc!” the proper way is “Muy rico!” or something of the sort.

I am working on my first attempt at refried beans.  I soaked the beans overnight, and they are now on the stove simmering (it takes ~2 hours).  I am going to use half of the vat o’beans for red beans and rice and the other half for refried beans.  Should be interesting…

I’m sad to report that Season 4 of True Blood is now over. Although I have been horribly disappointed in this season.

*******SPOILER******* Don’t read below if you haven’t seen the season finale yet!

(although please enjoy this lovely photo of Joe Manganiello)

We are lead to believe that Tara is dead (thank god, because I couldn’t handle her anymore), but I am thinking she’s going to pull through. And we see the return of The Fellowship of the Sun (vampire style) and stupid Rene. I was sad to see Jesus die, especially by the hands of Lafayette, and we are assuming that the fairies are on their way (Claude, please?).