This is a follow up to the boleta post below.  I assumed when they asked me this in the store that it meant “cash back.” I found out today, if I understand this correctly, that if you ask for “con cuota,” you are telling them that you plan on paying back the money in a certain amount of time, say 4 months or whatnot.  If you use a US bank account, and ask for con cuota, you will be denied by your bank.  Good to know!

Secondly, at the Wong, we tried to buy two singles of beer, but we were denied.  We had to use a factura in order to purchase these two bottles of beer, despite the fact that we have purchased alcohol on these boletas many times before.  So the mystery continues…

We took some pictures from a walk during several days of sun (oh yeah!), and here are some of them.  Enjoy!