It’s a lovely day, thanks to the beginning of spring here in Lima. Sadly, I’ve been fighting with my cell phone for the last 4ish hours. I hope to have it resolved in the near future, and I may actually be able to call people again…fingers crossed.

I took some pictures on my walk after work this morning. There are all these little huts that sell every rag mag imaginable, from Cosmo to the SA Enquirer…goes to show that media is alarmist in any community. This guy was thrilled that the blonde gringa was taking his picture, because he shouted, “buenas dias, chica!” and then whistled as I passed.


Oh an not something you see in the US, but here are the women sweeping the street–‘street cleaners.’


The apartment building has reminded me that, even though I live in this fancy apartment, with top of the line appliances and a beautiful view, that Peru is, indeed, a developing country. This building is located just outside the busiest park for tourists in Lima, Parque Kennedy, and next to a gigantic Gold’s Gym and across the street from The Crowne Plaza.


There are two pictures are in honor of my BFF: it looks like the Peruvian’s cigar store Indian and the other is some cement block in the sidewalk.



Tell me fellow expats or anyone really, what ways to do you manage to save money each month? What are your tricks in the grocery stores, as this seems to be the biggest expense we occur every month (which seems ridiculous to me).