1. Why can I purchase 100 grams of butter for s/.2.33, but the 200 gram packet of butter cost s/.5.20? Am I missing something?
  2. The Peruvians, specifically in Miraflores, take great pride in cleaning up the streets, yet I see them throw trash on the ground and fail to pick up dog poop
  3. CSI, NCIS, Criminial Minds, etc is on constant loop here—why is there such love for these sorts of shows? Is it Peruvians who want to watch it or do the Peruvians think that English speakers just love it and want to watch it?
  4. It is appropriate to stop a combi, mid route, to pee—not pee in a restroom, but on the back of the combi itself
  5. Peruvians are petite people, yet their foods consist of delicious chicharron, lomo saltado, papa rellenas and lots of cured pork
  6. We eat better then we have in a long time (very minimal processed foods, more fresh veggies and meats), yet Jason has a case of gout
  7. Plastic surgery is covered 90/10 under our health insurance plan
  8. Miranda may be the only corgi in Peru—isn’t she special?
  9. People love carbonated water—if you put the little water flavoring packets in it, it’s quite delicious.
  10. Why does it take 4+ months to get a resident Visa—where is my husband’s passport?
  11. chorizo does not mean the delicious spicy sausage from Mexico—I think it means any cured sausage.
  12. Aji and rocotta peppers might be the greatest thing since sliced bread