I was walking the dogs today past my favorite movie vendor in hopes of getting Crazy Stupid Love, when I happened upon the bulk man. You know when you are in the grocery store, and you can purchase jelly bellys or chocolate covered pretzels in bulk at a ridiculously inflated price? Well that is this guy’s cart. He had homemade tortilla chips, gummy bears, pretzels, meringue candies, and so many other delicious varieties of candies, chips and cookies. For 2 soles I bought a bag of fresh made tortilla chips, 100 grams, and much to my surprise, a happy one at that, I found that aji had been sprinkled on these bad boys. So for about 10 soles cheaper then the grocery store and a zillion times more tasty, I found my new way of purchasing little snacks for the house. I will take some pictures the next time I go—I’m sure Jason will be curious. 

I also managed to buy Piranda 3-DJulia’s Eyes and Fair Game for 8 soles. Total for the day: 10 soles, or about $4.