Friday night we had the pleasure of eating at a delicious Argentinean meat restaurant, La Tranquera:

If you notice the gigantic platter of meat, please keep in mind that that particular dish was intended for 1 person.  ONE PERSON.  Jason and I split it; no way, no how could we eat all of that by lonesome.  The dish consisted of pork sausage, blood sausage, split chicken breast, steak, kidneys,  intestines and a pork chop.  Plus you get a huge plate of papas fritas (french fries), delicious sauces to go on top (salsa, chimichuri and aji), fresh made bread and a salad (which was lettuce, radishes, avocado and tomatoes in an olive oil type sauce). Needless to say, we were stuffed when we left.

We then proceeded to meet some friends of ours at Cafe Z, nice little coffee shop at the corner of Parque Kennedy:

We had a great time there, and even though Lima has a bustling night life, and we haven’t been anywhere that closed before 2 or 3 am, this place was the exception.They kicked us out shortly after midnight.

However, it was a happy accident, because we got to experience an awesome bar, probably my favorite so far in Lima…I don’t even know what it was called.  It’s in a back alley street, no signs, just a bouncer and a door. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d just think it was a night watchman at an apartment.  It was dark, yet colorful, with moderately priced drinks

Women's Restroom

That evening did not end as I would’ve preferred. I either got my first bout of Montezuma’s Revenge (yes, I know, wrong country, but I don’t know what else to call it) or I drank too much or both.  Although I think the latter is less likely, because I had such a huge dinner and really didn’t drink enough to put me into a puking tizy (trust me, been there, done that). I spent the rest of the evening lying miserably on the couch (and the first time I have puked since 2009, the dreaded 30th birthday party)and all of yesterday trying to get my stomach to settle.  Thankfully, it has done that, I’m feeling much better today, although I plan on staying in, just in case.

This week will be a new one for me: I will receive my first paycheck (or money anyway, I’m not being paid by check, LOL).  I will be so glad to be contributing to the household financially; we suck at the budgeting thing. We are going to try the envelope system, and hopefully, we will be able to live off my income and save Jason’s for bills and debt. Wish us luck!

A couple of random things before I leave this post:

  • They don’t refrigerate the eggs here; in the grocery store, you buy eggs as you are leaving—they sit next to all the impulse shopping items like skittles and hershey bars.
  • I love that avocados cost ~$1 here
  • We hired a maid who will come in and do everything in our tiny apartment from walking the dogs to ironing the clothes to doing the dishes. She charges 40-50 soles a day (remember the conversion is $2.74), and she will come once a week. She also speaks Quechua.
  • How does one get stains out of clothing without a stain stick??
  • My phone is now connected to the internet, welcome back Mel’s iPhone!
  • Would it be really difficult to teach myself to sew, despite the fact that I never wanted to learn as a kid, and anytime my mom tried to show me how to use the sewing machine, I would break at least 3 needles? If not, I need a hobby, although I think I may bust out some puzzles soon
  • The dreaded student loan bills are starting to roll in—I guess we really will be paying off our education until we die