Of course one would expect to have great weeks and bad weeks anywhere, not just in a foreign country, and not that this week was bad, per se, just challenging.

Class Drama

I had a class scheduled today for 7 am, but upon arriving at the location, I cannot seem to find where I am supposed to go. I ask all the security guards, I walk around aimlessly, and I even try to phone my student (with no luck, because either 1) she wasn’t there or 2) I had the wrong phone number). I also tried to phone my employer, with no answer (although can you blame him? I wouldn’t answer the phone at 6:55 am).

I have a class in Surco, which is about 15-20 minutes from my home, and last week, I swear they told me that classes needed to be postponed this week.  Well come to find out, it’s next week they are postponed, so I missed a class on Tuesday as well.  Thankfully, they are flexible and are allowing me to come in today to make it up.

A Drink Dilemma

We found Dr. Pepper yesterday! We bought it for….almost $14!  Yikes! That’s like a million dollars here! We should’ve known better that a unique product from the US would cost more then life itself, and I should’ve probably told the cashier in my broken Spanish that we didn’t want it, but nonetheless, we have a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper that we may just drink out of martini glasses (if we had some of those).

A Pay Check Issue

Also, Jason’s pay check got screwed up.  There was a mistake on the wire transfer (they cannot direct deposit, since it’s international and in different currencies), so our bank rejected it.  They have to resubmit it, which could take 3-7 days to process (pay day was last Friday mind you).  And since Jason and I apparently don’t know how to budget, we have no funds.  Thankfully, I was paid yesterday, so we could get some bills paid, but nonetheless, it still sucks. If anything, we will take it as a lesson, hopefully a lesson learned, that we need to save more every month, instead of living pay check to pay check.


We did manage to get our gigantic bottle of water today from Fresh Life.  I will be relieved to not have to haul water from the Listo or tienda or Vivanda any more.  We can call the service and get another mondo thing of water for 10 soles. Woot! Woot!

For Our Anniversary Weekend!

This weekend we are headed to Cerro Azul, which is about 100 km south of Lima. It will be great to get out of the city for a bit, something we haven’t done yet, and apparently, there is lots of sun there.  The Beach Boys song, Surfin’ Safari was written about the swells in this area. I promise to take a lot of pictures, hopefully without part of my finger in the lens or out of focus.  Did I mention that the dogs are going with us? I can only hope they will protect us from whatever this thing is: