Hailing a cab here is non-existent; well at least for me. The second I walk out the door a barrage of taxis are begging me to be their fare. I should be flattered, right? I promise you, Mr.Cab Driver that I will flag you down if I need you. Nothing says, “get in my cab; it’s safe,” then a driver who slows from 35 mph to 1 mph in 2 seconds, furiously honking and flashing their lights and pulling over to the side of the road. Add this to the list of reasons why cabs make me feel uncomfortable and unsafe here in Lima.

On a happier note, I found an English school who is hiring for a secondary science teacher. The curriculum is IB based, so it’s more organic but with stress on mathematics and science. This could be an ideal job; I think they’d enjoy using my theatre experience while I taught. I will also be thrilled to be back in the swing of a ‘real’ job, with ‘real’ money and ‘real’ hours. Plus I miss teaching; I miss the kids, I miss learning chemistry, I miss the daily grind, lol!

I promise that the pictures from Cerro Azul are coming. I have to find an Internet cafe to upload them, because our days of ‘free’ internet has, sadly, come to an end. Only 3 more months until we can get a better modem!