I was offered a full time position yesterday at USIL, starting on Tuesday, November 1st and I am tickled pink. Not only will this job allow me to get my carnet, but it’s going to be a great job. I will be working on boosting the study abroad program for the humanities department, allowing me to develop relationships with schools in the States and hopefully throughout the entire USIL community.

The Director of the Communications Department at USIL is a US citizen, who speaks fluent Spanish and is quite the world traveler. I hope to learn a lot from him as well as the many other professors/directors throughout the school. I believe that this will vastly improve my Spanish as well as verse me in the working culture of Peru.

So now this means I get to go through the apostille process. For more information, please visit this post regarding what Jason (and I) went through for him. For me, they are requesting two letters, one from my previous employer, Civic Theatre, and the other from when I worked at DePaul University as a marketing assistant. The one from Civic should be easy; I worked there for 7 years up until May of this year (and it holds a great place in my heart). DePaul, however, is going to be tough. I worked that job for about 1 year, almost 10 years ago. The woman I worked for there is no longer employed by DePaul, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they can help me out. I have also enlisted the help of my parents and in-laws to help retrieve an apostille from both Creighton University and Purdue; transcripts and diplomas from both places. I figure the more I have, the easier it will be to get the process done (although I know that the process is far from easy). And although my degree from Creighton is a BFA in Acting (I heard them guffaw in Spanish when talking about this, LOL), they prefer that to my chemistry degree from Purdue (which I find slightly strange, since it is a much more prestigious degree).