Jason is beyond thrilled that Tottenham won today, despite the fact that the Hawkeyes lost.

Yesterday, some friends and I went to Gamarra in La Victoria. It’s a huge, huge (did I say huge?) market for clothing, fabrics and shoes. Basically, it’s Pulvos Azules on crack (well that and it doesn’t have electronics). It reminds me of Itaewon in Seoul, Korea.

The entire point of the trip was for me to purchase new pants, shirt and shoes for my new job. And as crazy as this is going to sound to those people who know me, I got the shirt and pants but no shoes. I couldn’t find the right ones to go with my outfit, despite being cheap—and sadly, I couldn’t justify the cost of buying shoes just for the hell of it. What has the world come to?

On a totally different note, this ice cream is the best ever. It has little pieces of drumsticks throughout, and it’s just ah-mazing.