In honor of Halloween, I thought I would write a little post regarding my obsession with Halloween, horror movies (I have seen them all) and anything scary.

  • My favorite horror movie has to be Nightmare on Elm Street for several reasons: a) It was Johnny Depp’s debut into stardom b) Freddy Krueger is badass c) it’s so typical 80’s horror/camp that it’s impossible to be a horror movie junkie and not like this movie
  • When I was  kid, I read every horror book I could get my hands on, from the young adult series’ written by Christopher Pike,Caroline B. Cooney, and R.L. Stine to the adult series’ by Dean Koontz and Stephen King(and these are just to name a few authors). I still have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King, even though I haven’t read any of his books since The Green Mile (which is clearly not a horror book).  I get sucked into his books, and inevitably, I am disappointed with the ending.  How can I read 1000 pages and find out…SPOILER ALERT that it was all an alien spider that is so easy to kill. WTF, Stephen King?
  • When we were in the US, our house would be decorated, and I mean decorated. I’d have halloween lights, carved pumpkins, bowls of candy, spiderwebs…you name it, it was up at our house.  And we through a killer Halloween party.  Jason is always a good sport.
  • I love vampires and zombies, which explains my newest obsession with True Blood on HBO and the entire Sookie Stackhouse series (which I read, back-to-back in a matter of months)

  • Some of my other favorite horror movies include 28 Days Later, The Ring, The Exorcist, Hellraiser(Pinhead and the Cenobites might be the scariest creatures ever made) and a million more that I cannot even begin to name on this blog post. One thing is for certain, we own more horror movies then any other genre of movie (and we own a lot of movies)

  • I love special effects and make up.  There is something to be said for those old 70s and 80s films where they used classic special effects techniques instead of CGI, where there are times when it seems super real. I love that.  There was a TV on FX that was awesome, called Face-Off, and if you haven’t seen it, check it out.  It’s a good behind the scenes look at how special effects make up is made.
  • I have vivid memories of Trick or Treating in Montgomery, Alabama; my brother was dressed as a tiger, although I cannot remember what I was dressed as, but nonetheless, we went down the street to this awesome house where we had to reach into this smoking caldron to get a piece of candy. I was scared, but I saw my brother do it without hesitation, and so I followed suit (anything he did, I did). From then on, I vowed that when I have a house and/or children, it will be my moral duty to scare the pants off anyone who rang my doorbell 🙂  My father also put this record album on so it pumped into the yard, and anyone who came to ring our doorbell would hear this freaky music.  I wonder where that album is now…