I received some helpful hints upon arriving in Lima, so I though I’d share:

  • Arrange for transportation before you arrive, whether it be a limo or taxi service
  • Keep your passport, phone and money on you at all times, not in a pants pocket or purse—invest in a money belt 
  • Exchange a few dollars before arriving, but don’t carry a wad of cash around the airport
  • Keep your bags on you at all times, and I would even suggest keeping a hand on all of them, just in case
  • You can purchase a pre-paid phone right at the Lima airport, so you don’t have to worry about busting out your iPhone or Blackberry (try to resist making calls in the airport or the cab ride home)
  • Don’t wander around outside, especially looking for a cab—if you need a cab, secure a ride before you leave the airport
  • When traveling to your destination, place all valuables in the trunk, not on the seat next to you, and definitely not anywhere they can be seen in plain view

If there are any other hints/tips you have received regarding traveling to Lima or anywhere, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.