Last week, day 3 of my new job, I attended the first day of FestiUSIL, which is basically college Olympics. The Opening Games consisted of a parade of the different teams (Green—Agriculture, Blue—Business, Red—HTM and Yellow–Humanities (my team)), followed by a team skits to promote their school.

I could only catch the drift of of the skits, but at least two of them had a leprechaun, although I am not sure what the meaning behind it was, and all of them had scantily clad girls dancing somewhat provocatively as cheerleaders (so just like the US!).

I might also mention that each school has their own mascot, from the Beavers (college of Humanities) to a Mister Potatohead-type character (HTM).  The Closing Ceremonies will take place at the inauguration of the new campus in Pachacamac, a site famous for it’s pre-Inca ruins, where there will be booze and bungee jumping (OK, I don’t know if that is really true or not, but it will be cool if it is!).


Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy:

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