I came home to a huge hole in the street out side of our apartment on Friday.  Saturday, the hole multiplied.  Jason said that the road workers did it all by hand, using pick axes and shovels instead of jackhammers and trucks.  The taxis would drive at 45+ mph over it in the middle of night, and there were several times that we thought that cars were exploding or falling apart.  There was one instance  (that we know of), where the taxi completely bottomed out, lost a tire (and probably an axle) and was no longer able to run.

The Hole, during a rare moment without traffic

With traffic

Monday Morning rush hour

And on Sunday, there was a motorcycle ride.  And unlike in the US where most of the motorcycles are Harley Davidsons, these were mostly crotch rockets, dirt bikes and mopeds, LOL!

I had to work in a picture of the pups somehow…