Aguas Caliente is in the jungle of Peru, and is the only way to pick up a bus to Machu Picchu. There are no vehicles in the town, and the railroad is the only way in and out of town (unless you are hiking the Inca Trail).

The plants are luscious and green with lots of over growth and beautiful, colorful flowers. The river runs directly through the town, and our hotel was situated right in front of it. Out our hotel room window, you could see the rush of the river and hear the roar of the water—it was almost like we had a super loud air conditioning unit in the apartment (sounds annoying, but it was actually quite peaceful and very beautiful).

We had the pleasure of spending New Year’s Eve in Aguas Caliente. The whole town came out to celebrate with goofy yellow hats, necklaces and leis, as well as lots of booze and fireworks. It was a blast.

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