Our household has been on a no grain, no processed sugar diet for the past 2 weeks, a modified Paleo diet. I say “modified” because the true Paleo diet requires that you give up dairy, grains, alcohol and that you eat only grass-fed, free range foods.  We have decided not to give up cheese (which is really the only dairy that either one of us eats, except the occasional yogurt Jason enjoys) or alcohol (though only in moderation) and here in Peru, we have no clue really if the food is free range and/or grass fed.

The major reason for us doing this diet is because Jason has suffered from stomach issues all his life.  He has been diagnosed with IBS, diverticulitis and had his gall bladder out, and guess what? It hasn’t really made all that much of a difference.  So after being gluten free in Indiana for a year, and seeing an improvement, we decided that it would be great to see if a total change in diet could mean peace for Jason and his stomach.  And as an added bonus, to see if I can lose and keep off the 20-30 lbs I have gained in the last 10 years.

The first couple of days were incredibly difficult, probably more for me then Jason. I missed bread, and I really missed my daily Coca-Cola.  I still really miss both, but I think this is a great change for us.

We did cheat twice though, once for pisco sours at the annual Pisco Festival here in Peru, and then for the Super Bowl.  Cheating for us was the sugar in the mixer for the Pisco sour and tonic water in the vodka tonics we drank.  I also had a handful of corn tortilla chips.  I can also say that my stomach was destroyed both times we cheated, even though we hadn’t even been without sugar for a week.

We are back on schedule this week, and the one thing we have noticed is that we are drinking a ton more water.  We have a water bottle delivered once every two weeks and now, I think we will have to increase it to at least once a week.  But we are also saving the money we were spending on Coca-Cola or Inka Colas through out the day.

So what are we eating if we aren’t eating grains or processed sugars? Well we have a cut of meat every night, from rotisserie chicken to pork chops to tilapia and then some veggies.  We try to avoid white potatoes, but have had a couple days where we ate some papas fritas that came with our rotisserie chicken.  We have also had sweet potatoes. We are also eating tons and tons of eggs; there are so many ways to cook eggs, it’s unreal.  Jason has mastered the omelet, and I have found a great frittata recipe.   I have read a couple of recipes on egg muffins that I hope to try next week.

The diet suggests that we really cut back on our fruit intake, which really isn’t that hard for us, because neither one of us is a real big fruit eater.  But once you cut out sugar, and are looking for something to satisfy that sweet tooth, fruit becomes a good option.   So we have made some smoothies of fresh fruit, ice and just a splash of sugar-free vanilla yogurt.

So far, so good.  I will keep you updated on how this whole thing works out, if we can manage to stay on task and how it has affected our health.