I started a new job today: I am teaching at EuroAmericano in Pachachamac (see the earlier post about Schools in Lima).

Best way to overwhelm a new teacher? Tell her that you are expected to teach science, math and English, and that the science teacher last year didn’t even finish out the school year (To be fair, the reason for his departure was not disclosed). But, overall, I am excited. I am having fun creating lesson plans and curriculum, meeting new people and working at a fantastic & beautiful school.


As for the diet: we are still sticking to it. We cheated yesterday, Valentine’s Day, for beans and flour tortillas on our tacos. It was delicious though. Also to clear some confusion, we do eat potatoes, mostly sweet potatoes, but we try to limit them to once a week. Corn and beans are a big no-no though. I still really miss coke and bread, but whatever. I did make eggplant parmesan today, an it was quite delicious (although we found out after consumption that the sauce has sugar in it, boo). Instead of flour, I used almond ‘flour,’ which is just ground up almonds.