Outside my classroom, they are building a wheelchair ramp. It didn’t seem that they had made much process, more like the Greek myth of Sisyphus. They are wheeling in piles of dirt, the shovel it around, and then go and get more. I am not entirely sure it will be ready by Thursday, but my I’ll keep fingers crossed.


We’ve had a helluva month here. We found out that anything that goes wrong inside the apartment is the responsibility of the tenants. We don’t have any of the advantages as a renter like those in the States.
1) We had the lock on the front door freeze, so we were stuck inside for three days until we had someone come fix it (well that’s not entirely true, but only one of us could leave at a time)
2) I managed to get some serious flu-like illness, we had a window that completely shattered all over us, cutting Jason’s hand and my chest and head (and costing us s./400), 3) the housekeeper locked the bedroom door by accident, where we don’t have the key (which was a great way to meet a trustworthy locksmith and costing us s./60.00)
4) Miranda managed to bring a worm here from Indiana, one in her liver, that screwed up her liver function but thankfully we got rid of fairly easily with a de-wormer
5) Turbotax double charged us for filing taxes, even though we cannot file our federal taxes until we file for an extension (we have to wait 330 days from arrival date to apply for the foreign income credit)
6) Jason managed to get food poisoning and a bit of the sickness I had
7) Worst of all, there was a health scare in my immediate family, very scary and very real—my Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery on Friday, and the doctor feels confident after the lumpectomy and a treatment of radiation, that she will be cured—we can only hope, wish, beg for this outcome

As for the diet, Jason and I have stuck to it…for the most part. We do occasionally cheat with a Coke Zero or whatnot, but we are still trudging through it. I still desperately crave bread and coke, and some days I am completely miserable on the diet, but other days, it doesn’t seem so bad. I hope that I will move more toward the not-so-bad days and less of the I-am-dying-for-bread-or-coke days.

Lastly, I have three days of work before my classroom gets flooded with children. I am nervous and scared, but excited and anxious. Wish me luck, and if you have any words of advice for a first time school teacher, I would LOVE to hear them.