• Why is there a llama on the side of the chiclet packages?
  • Why do they even have one way streets here in Lima, when drivers just drive on both sides regardless? And on two way streets, drivers treat it like one way—it’s a nightmare really.
  • Why do people feel it is appropriate to turn from a center lane, even if the person in the outer lane is going straight?
  • Why do they have stop signs, when a honk on the horn seems to suffice?
  • Why are there so many freakin’ speed bumps? And why does our bus driver go over them at 100 kph?
  • Why do we have to pick up each child at their doorstep? Have they not heard of bus stops (although I have heard three explanations for this 1) since they are paying for transportation, they expect that that someone greet them at the door 2) no one wants to wait with their child on the street corner or 3) that it is too dangerous to wait on the street corner, a hold over from the Shining Path days)?
  • Why would a 7th grader cheat off of a kid who is doing just as poorly in the class as she is?  And no, nythium is not an element; he just made that up.
  • Why was I so shy and embarrassed to get my hair cut? I put it off for like two weeks, because I was too weirded out to go into the salon.
  • Why do people just throw trash on the streets here, especially if there is a trash can on the corner? (This is certainly not unique to Lima)
  • Why do so many taxi drivers piss on the bridge next to our house?
  • Why is my skin still so bad, especially on my jaw line? I think I am allergic to my fake silver hoop earrings, but I really cannot see myself giving them up, LOL.
  • Why are my family and friends so cool? I posted jokingly on Facebook, that I wanted a box of Cheez-Its sent to me, and like 4 people said they’d mail me a box. 🙂
  • Why am I almost out of those cute, smelly hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works that my family and friends brought me over the holidays? I felt like I had at least a dozen or so and that they would last at least 6 or so months. Sadly, I was mistaken.
  • Why is our foster dog still so skinny? (but she has a cute little mohawk)


“Why not?”