The first quarter at EuroAmericano is almost complete. I managed to get my science grades completed with the strange categories (each subject has different categories) required by the Ministry of Education here in Peru.  Here are the science categories: knowledge & understanding, scientific inquiry and lab skills &  personal engagement. So I have to divide all my homework, in-class work, quizzes, labs and exams into those categories, and then give them a grade out of 20.

Monday is an in-service work day, Tuesday is Labor Day, we have a half day on Wednesday, we finish out that week, and then a week of school before fall break.  It cannot come fast enough, especially knowing that the kids are going to be super wild up until they leave.

The weather here is finally starting to turn cool at night and in the mornings. I am enjoying it a lot, although I don’t like that the sun goes down earlier (but not as bad as it did in Indiana).

We also had the pleasure of being woken up at 3 am to a car accident right outside our apartment.  It was a nasty accident: two taxis, one had crossed the median (we are assuming alcohol was involved) and hit the other car head on.  The used the jaws of life to get the drivers out, and it didn’t appear that there were any passengers.  Oh the joys of big city life.

Park in Chorrillos