So sorry folks that I’ve been MIA.

Last week, we had a transportation strike, and even though we got a speech about how people might throw rocks through the windows, horrible traffic and to pack a water bottle just in case we are stuck in traffice for hours, nothing happened.  It was typical Peruvian freak out, and nothing to actually be freaked out about. Granted, if I had lived through the Shining Path Era, I think I’d freak out at these things too. 

Our roommate has joined us, and she seems to be getting along quite well.  She has started teaching, and has experienced the developing world first hand with 1) The rigamarole of trying to get the carnet process started, 2) the difficulty it is to get books here and 3) waking up to no water in the entire building and having to take a whore’s bath to make it through the day. The dogs, however, seem to have adjusted to her quite well, and tend to be a little sad when she leaves; I found Stray Jones sleeping in her bed this afternoon.

We attempted to get Camote spayed, but much to our chagrin, she has a parasite, something she most likely contracted from a tick before she was in our home.  We have to wait until she is parasite-free and her immune system is back up to par before spaying her.  The other two dogs were tested, and both received a clean bill of health. Woohoo!


I’m back at school after a nice 3-week winter break.  It was well needed, but I am glad to be back on a schedule. I work so much better when I have things to occupy my time.  I am not good at entertaining myself. Now only four more months until summer break! 😉

Oh and as a side note, I have submitted to the head of secondary that I want a classroom pet.  I remember Mr. Hayes in 6th grade had a snake, and I thought it was the best thing ever.  We raised rats to feed it, and we took turns being responsible for cleaning the cage, watering it, etc.  I am thinking that a guinea pig would be a good class pet, and I think it would be an incentive for my 6th graders to work well and behave in class.  What do you think?