On Monday, I took the 7th graders to Las Lomos de Lucumo, a gorgeous mountain area close to my school in Pachacamac for a morning hike.  It was an interesting trip, because we had rain and fog instead of a nice, enjoyable, sunny day. But we went, nonetheless (although we probably should’ve postponed…).  We had two tour guides as well as two dogs that lead us on the trip.  And I managed to understand a lot of what they were saying!

The kids stumbled and fell, slipped and skated, rammed their heads, arms and feet into the mud, and when we returned to school, they were covered, head to toe, in mud, dirt and whatever else they picked up on the trek.  Overall, I think they had a good time, and I think my ears are starting to recover from all the 13 year-old girls screaming every time they slipped on the trail.  I only wish that the fog had lifted so we could’ve seen the actual view from the top.

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