A nice addition to the futbol match Jason and I went to with a good friend. Check it out!


sponsored by CristalMy first South American soccer experience was Peru vs Venezuela in a World Cup qualifying match at the national stadium in Lima.  Obviously fútbol is THE sport in Peru as it is throughout Latin America, and so a World Cup qualifier is a pretty hard ticket to come by.  Luckily a friend had a connection, and by connection I mean Craig’s List.  Yes, there’s a Craig’s List for Peru (we also have Radio Shack, KFC, electricity, automobiles, and indoor plumbing).  So for a somewhat reasonable markup (50%) we got 4 tickets right at midfield.  It should be noted that the north and south ends of the stadium have separate entrances and and are usually filled with the more…enthusiastic fans.  Security is tighter for these sections, no belts for example, and I was warned by a student that the locals would do unspeakable things to us gringos if we…

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