Puerto Madero is the newest, fanciest district in Argentina.  As the name indicates, it is on the port of the Rio de la Plata  where the fanciest yachts are docked, where the ritziest hotels overlook the water and the fanciest loft apartments, in gigantic highrise buildings, have a spectacular view of the city.

puerto maderoThe day we walked around the temperature was about 95°F, with no breeze and nothing to relieve us from the heat…definitely different from the weather in Lima.  Not really much to say, except there was an amazing suspension bridge, Puente de la Mujer, designed by Santiago Calatrava’s (who designed the Milwaukee Art Museum) and his only work in South America.

Puerto Madero 5 Puerto Madero 2The port also reminded me of Jason’s old pad in Milwaukee, with lots of sidewalk cafés and nightclubs, apparently an up and coming place to hang out after dark.  It also happens to be the same place where you pick up the ferry to get to Colonia, Uruguay (and Montevideo).

There is also the Corbeta Uruguay Museum, which is actually a” gunner boat that pioneered Artic exploration and this 1897 boat is the oldest in the Argentinian fleet” (http://wander-argentina.com/sights-of-interest-in-puerto-madero/). However, we opted not to visit the museum because we were just too hot and worn out from the sun.

Puerto Madero 4 Puerto Madero 3

Here are a few more pictures from Puerto Madero although I don’t think these pictures really do the area justice…it is quite beautiful :

Puerto Madero 6 Puerto Madero 1 Puerto Madero