I’ve been hiding out since we got back to Argentina, trying to enjoy my last couple of weeks of summer vacation before the school year started.

But now we are back, and I am teaching 6-8th grade math, no science this year. And my classes are now split, so my biggest class is 19, which has made a world of difference. I suppose I am only one week in, so I shouldn’t make any judgments quite yet.

And because I don’t post enough pictures of my dogs, here are some more. 😉
What she was looking for, I will never know, unless she was trying to get closer to the window to look out (or something.

Camote was dead asleep when I took this picture. I have no idea how this could be comfortable.

Miranda apparently likes to watch TV.

And you can really see Stray Jones’ gray eyebrows here. She’s so distinguished.