Election day has arrived, and so has the ley seca, or dry law.  They stopped selling and serving alcohol at midnight on Thursday and it is lifted at noon tomorrow.  We had a small get together last night for St. Paddy’s Day, but we stupidly thought we could buy booze until midnight on Friday…we were sad to learn that we were one day too late.  Thankfully, a friend of ours found the most amazing sale a couple of days ago and stocked up.  He generously donated his booze to our party, but I did provide some very delicious food (or at least I think so).

About the election, I cannot say that I know much about it, because my Spanish is not good enough to really understand exactly what is going on.  But friends have clued me in on what their understanding is.  Basically the election is whether or not to keep the current “mayor” of Lima, Susana Villaran.  She has been accused of failing the people, not doing enough in office, etc, and the other political party wants her out.  So the other political party has obtained the allotted number of signatures on a petition to hold an election to basically kick her out. If she is voted out, she will be relieved of duties almost immediately, and then Lima goes without a leader until the next election (when that is, I don’t know).  As for the exact politics of the two parties, I am unsure, but I know that there is a lot of corruption and money being exchanged.

Reuters did an interesting write up on the process here: Peru Politics.