So getting out of Lima is proving to be more difficult than getting in.  In order for Jason to get the money from the Peruvian pension plan, the AFP, he has to follow these certain steps, get these certain papers, and then the money is transferred to our bank in the US.

On Thursday, the last of his paperwork from USIL came in, so yesterday, we went to DIGEMIN, Peruvian immigrations, loaded with all the paperwork so Jason could surrender his carné extranjeria (his work visa).  We had all the necessary paperwork except one damn letter, a letter of garantee economica, whatever the hell that is.  We travel to the school to see if anyone has any clue what this document is, and low and behold, no one seems to have any clue.

After an extensive google search and chats with about 4 different people in Capital Humano (HR), we seem to find some sort of answer.  This letter must be written and signed by a Peruvian citizen not affiliated with the school, attesting to Jason’s moral and economic character.  Yes, you read that right, we need a document stating that Jason is a moral citizen in order to leave the country, written by some random person. W.T.F.

So we found a friend of Jason’s boss to do the letter for us, and we had it legalized by a notary yesterday, and it will be ready for pick up today.  And Jason will have the pleasure of returning to DIGEMIN on Monday, fingers crossed that this letter is the last thing he needs to process his surrender of his carné extranjeria.

Ready for the kicker?  This process is supposed to take 8 days, 8 working days, we are assuming which will be July 31st, but Jason leaves at midnight on July 30th.  What are the odds that the process will take less then 8 days?  Here’s to hoping that it gets done, and the school won’t have to move his flight to the next day.