Looking for an apartment in NYC is a nightmare.  Our first realtor was a jerk…he acted like he was doing us a favor by taking us to apartments.  We basically think that since we have a small budget, he didn’t have time to waste on us.  He showed us a variety of places, starting with two strange and small places for about $2000.  Neither one of them fit, and he really got annoyed with having to show us anymore, but he reluctantly did.  We didn’t see one we really liked, even though he really tried to strong arm us into an apartment with the trash dump right outside the front window.

On day two, he basically said that he had shown us all the apartments that were worth his time, and that if we wanted to continue, we needed to see a different realtor.  So we did, and the second realtor was very nice, showed us some great places, but sadly, both of the places we wanted were rented right as we were ready to put our offer in.

On day three, we decided to branch out to Queens to see what they have available.  We walked into a realty in Astoria (which is very charming and oddly enough we had several Irish waiters in Irish bars, LOL), basically pleading with them to find us a place.  After a lot of leg work, we were shown a nice apartment in Forest Hill for $2000 (at the very high end of our budget), but they would only take one of our dogs.  So back to the office we went, and we found a place in Pelham Bay in the Bronx.

The apartment in Pelham Bay turned out to be the apartment.  We were told that it was a 2nd floor walk up, but it turned out that it was just a small flight of stairs.  The apartment has all hardwood flooring, a living room, two bedrooms, eat in kitchen (well almost an eat in kitchen) and several very large walk in closets (which, from what we have seen, seem really rare in NYC).  The sup is OK with the pups and overly excited about the baby, LOL.

This shot is taking from the living area into the two bedrooms:

image(3)And this picture is from the living room, looking back at the front door and the kitchen (to the left):