Here is the process for getting out the AFP from BBVA Horizonte.  I’m fairly certain it is pretty similar across the board, but check with your provider before anything else.

Here are the things you need in order to start the process:

1. Notarized copy of your passport (about 10 soles)

2. A bank account in the US with the account holder being ONLY the person whose name is on the AFP account (a joint US account will not work)—you need the account number, SWIFT or ABA/Routing number, name of the bank, name on the account, type of account (savings/checking) phone and address

3. A certificate of work from your employer

4. Your resignation letter to your employer, signed by both parties

5. The letter from your employer stating that you have paid all your taxes

6. A letter of guarantee: this letter comes from a random Peruvian citizen who is not affiliated with your employer (this is what tripped us up in the process).  You also need a legalized copy of this person’s DNI (about 20 soles for both items to be legalized).

7. A document stating that you have contributed to a pension plan in the US for at least 36 months (for BBVA, you can use the social security document, but you can also use a private plan as well).  This document must either 1) have an apostille from the US or 2) be legalized by the US Embassy in Lima (which costs $50).  Once this document has been legalized (or apostilled), it needs to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lima (I believe this costs around $37 and 23 soles).  After you receive both of these stamps, the document must be officially translated (you can find a list of official translators on the DIGEMIN website, and it costs about 20 centimos per word—the SS document costs around 500 soles)

8.  You need F-007, which is free on the DIGEMIN website, you can fill this out yourself

9. Copy of your travel documents for when you are leaving the country

10. And the paperwork you will get for surrendering your carne (costs about 21 soles) and this must be done at least 8 days before you leave the country (you will get a tourist visa stamp in your passport so that you can legally leave the country without an outlandish fine).

Once you have collected all of these documents (it took about a month from start to finish for us, because it didn’t seem that anyone knew the process, how to help us, there were broken links on the various websites, etc), you will bring them to your advisor with your AFP, and supposedly, the money will be deposited into your account.  We have been told that we have all the right paperwork, and the money will be deposited on the 2nd of August (due to the holiday happening in Peru right now, Independence Day).