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How about the AFP?

Here is the process for getting out the AFP from BBVA Horizonte.  I’m fairly certain it is pretty similar across the board, but check with your provider before anything else.

Here are the things you need in order to start the process:

1. Notarized copy of your passport (about 10 soles)

2. A bank account in the US with the account holder being ONLY the person whose name is on the AFP account (a joint US account will not work)—you need the account number, SWIFT or ABA/Routing number, name of the bank, name on the account, type of account (savings/checking) phone and address

3. A certificate of work from your employer

4. Your resignation letter to your employer, signed by both parties

5. The letter from your employer stating that you have paid all your taxes

6. A letter of guarantee: this letter comes from a random Peruvian citizen who is not affiliated with your employer (this is what tripped us up in the process).  You also need a legalized copy of this person’s DNI (about 20 soles for both items to be legalized).

7. A document stating that you have contributed to a pension plan in the US for at least 36 months (for BBVA, you can use the social security document, but you can also use a private plan as well).  This document must either 1) have an apostille from the US or 2) be legalized by the US Embassy in Lima (which costs $50).  Once this document has been legalized (or apostilled), it needs to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lima (I believe this costs around $37 and 23 soles).  After you receive both of these stamps, the document must be officially translated (you can find a list of official translators on the DIGEMIN website, and it costs about 20 centimos per word—the SS document costs around 500 soles)

8.  You need F-007, which is free on the DIGEMIN website, you can fill this out yourself

9. Copy of your travel documents for when you are leaving the country

10. And the paperwork you will get for surrendering your carne (costs about 21 soles) and this must be done at least 8 days before you leave the country (you will get a tourist visa stamp in your passport so that you can legally leave the country without an outlandish fine).

Once you have collected all of these documents (it took about a month from start to finish for us, because it didn’t seem that anyone knew the process, how to help us, there were broken links on the various websites, etc), you will bring them to your advisor with your AFP, and supposedly, the money will be deposited into your account.  We have been told that we have all the right paperwork, and the money will be deposited on the 2nd of August (due to the holiday happening in Peru right now, Independence Day).

So many things, so many things

It’s been a long time since I have posted, and for that, I apologize.  And I have lots of news to report.

First and foremost, it appears that I have found myself cooking up a new addition to the family and he or she will arrive sometime around November 28th (although I am guessing that I will go into December).  We will find out the sex in 2 weeks, and it cannot come soon enough. I am incredibly impatient!

Secondly, Jason has been offered a tenure track position at a CUNY school in the Bronx, so we are leaving Lima after two great years here.  And the whole thing seemed to come out of nowhere (although it didn’t really).  Jason got the call in January for a Skype interview.  He nailed the Skype interview, and then he fly out to NYC to teach a class.  He nailed that part, and then they flew him out there again to meet the President of the university.  And then about a week later, in late April, he received the word that he had landed the position (out of 500 applicants, nonetheless!).   It’s a great opportunity for Jason, it’s not his “dream job,” but it’s one step closer, and that is just amazing.  And I believe that living in NYC will really give me lots of new opportunities, and I am considering returning to school (I know, I know) to get a Master’s or Ph.D. in chemistry.

So we got the news about a month and a half ago, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  Here are some of the complicated steps we are going through (moving to another country is crazy, let me tell you):

  1. We shipped Miranda and Stray Jones to live with my in-laws for the next month or so. This seems easy enough, but Peruvian bureaucracy and crappy summer weather (you cannot take dogs as excess baggage if the temperatures at any point in the trip are forecasted to be above 85 degrees) made it slightly complicated.  We found out that we cannot directly ship via United Airlines; we had to hire a third party shipper to do it for us.  We found a great service here, PetWings, who came to the apartment about a week ahead of time to meet the dogs and get all the paperwork in order.  Then she picked them up from our apartment at 8 am, and off to the airport they went.  They had to go through customs and all kinds of things that went until about 3 pm, and the vet stayed with the dogs until about 7 pm, when they were taken back to the cargo area.  From there, they flew to Houston and Chicago, where United Pet Safe program managed to lose all of their paperwork.  Thankfully my mother-in-law is a badass, and got the dogs out after putting up a stink.  Now they are safe with them, being spoiled beyond belief, and we are relieved. Image
  2. Figure out the situation with our landlord.  As we found out last time we moved, Peruvian landlords are not known for giving back deposits, despite the deposit being 2 months rent.  So we are planning on not paying last month’s rent, but we don’t expect to get the rest of it back.  It’s shady and sad, but what can we do?
  3. Books…Jason has so many freakin’ books, and we have to get as many of them back as possible (although I think I have convinced him to leave some here).  We have friends coming to visit, and we plan on sending back a suitcase full of books with them, because it’s cheaper as excess baggage then to ship them.
  4. Ship Camote, the third dog, to Arizona.  This should be fairly straight forward, but we are waiting until we get closer to leaving to do it.  She will have a blast in Arizona with my parents’ dogs, Andy the Westie and Molly the Basset.
  5. Find an apartment in New York City.  So my mom is going to meet me out in NYC, and we are going to have a girls week, apartment hunting.  We think we are going to focus on Yonkers and Mt. Vernon or other places just north of the city.  After we find a place, I will head to Arizona for a little family vacation.
  6. Jason will head out of here a couple of weeks after I leave to finish up business here.  He has to get the paperwork ready so we can get our money from our AFP (a pension-type program here in Peru).  Not too difficult, but time consuming, but he has to visit the Embassy to get some stuff legalized, then get it translated and then get some other documents from the ministry.
  7. Jason will then head to Cedar Rapids to meet his father and pick up the dogs.  Then they will drive a U-Haul to Lafayette to get our stuff out of storage, where Jason will hope to enlist some friends to help load up the truck.  Lastly, they will then head to NYC.  The hard part will be unloading stuff there, because I will not be able to help.  I think my Dad will come and visit to help out (and possibly see a show or two…it’s his hidden agenda, LOL).

OK, phew.  That’s exhausting just thinking about it.  And really I left out that whole packing thing and setting up utilities and getting a cellphone and all the other bullshit that comes with moving to a new city.  But things work out, they always seem to…it may be a crooked line to get there, but I suppose as long as we get there somehow, who cares how it happens?  And we get to live in NYC for a while!


St. Paddy’s Day, election version

Election day has arrived, and so has the ley seca, or dry law.  They stopped selling and serving alcohol at midnight on Thursday and it is lifted at noon tomorrow.  We had a small get together last night for St. Paddy’s Day, but we stupidly thought we could buy booze until midnight on Friday…we were sad to learn that we were one day too late.  Thankfully, a friend of ours found the most amazing sale a couple of days ago and stocked up.  He generously donated his booze to our party, but I did provide some very delicious food (or at least I think so).

About the election, I cannot say that I know much about it, because my Spanish is not good enough to really understand exactly what is going on.  But friends have clued me in on what their understanding is.  Basically the election is whether or not to keep the current “mayor” of Lima, Susana Villaran.  She has been accused of failing the people, not doing enough in office, etc, and the other political party wants her out.  So the other political party has obtained the allotted number of signatures on a petition to hold an election to basically kick her out. If she is voted out, she will be relieved of duties almost immediately, and then Lima goes without a leader until the next election (when that is, I don’t know).  As for the exact politics of the two parties, I am unsure, but I know that there is a lot of corruption and money being exchanged.

Reuters did an interesting write up on the process here: Peru Politics.

Summer Vacation

So I have finally hit the well needed summer vacation.  It still weird having opposite seasons, being in the southern hemisphere. My in-laws visited us for Christmas, and it was so great to have family around, especially since we haven’t seen them in over a year.  On our last evening, we ate at La Rosa Nautica, which has the most amazing ambiance of any restaurant I have ever been too…and the food wasn’t too bad either.  Here are two pictures of the restaurant at sunset:Image


We stayed in for New Year’s because Miranda is terrified of fireworks, and after the small stress we had with our neighbor earlier in the year, we opted to not rock the boat.  Apparently, yellow is the color everyone wears on New Years Eve, and traditionally it is supposed to represent amnesty.  So here the dogs are, much to their chagrin, sporting their yellow for  New Years (we got them last year in Aguas Caliente before Macchu Picchu):




And just to add some random thoughts: 1)I had the bag guy walk me home from the grocery store so I didn’t have to carry all the bags (this is typical here), and he refused to walk next to me.  He walked behind me all the way home…totally awkward. 2) We cooked chicken wings for lunch today, and even though I asked our maid to join us in the living room, she was too uncomfortable and ate by herself in the backroom and 3) I ordered food over the phone all by myself! This is a huge deal, because the phone is really difficult.  The funniest part (and probably the most embarrassing) is that it was McDonald’s that I ordered for delivery (yes McDonald’s delivers…actually almost everything from the pharmacy to the tienda to the grocery stores deliver).


The last week of school, we had lots of Fiestas Patrias celebrations.  The elementary kids put on performances from singing to dancing to skits.  It reminded me of the theatre in Lafayette, and I was glad to be able to see it.  Image



Vacation will be a low-key one.  Items on the agenda:

  1. Spay Camote
  2. Get some pants hemmed
  3. Start Bell Training with Camote
  4. Read a couple of books: Perks of Being a Wallflower, Silence of the Lambs and Ms. Peregrine’s School for Unusual Children

And our new roommate will be arriving on Sunday, so I look forward to showing her all kinds of stuff around Lima.  It will be nice to have some time off to get her adjusted before she starts work with Jason. 


Such is life: Apartment and some movie stuff

Not much new to report here.  We are officially moved in to the new place, and no information regarding our deposit.  I hope that we do get some of that money back, and that the expats were wrong.  It’s just a sad situation to know that we followed the protocol by agreeing and upholding our part of the lease agreement, but our landlord (despite talking with us about how he is not the typical Peruvian and will give us our money back and not to worry, etc) is not following through.  I can only hope he turns it around, and we do see some of our money.  I lost a lot of sleep over the issue, but I have come to terms with the fact that we did the right thing, regardless if we get our money back.  And if we don’t get our money back, well, it’s just money and that’s the way the cookie crumbles so to speak.

But our new apartment is amazing.  The view is spectacular, and I could spend hours just looking outside. It’s like we are living in a swanky hotel (with a really slow elevator).  Also our neighbor was nice enough to let us use his internet until we set ours up.  I wanted to bake cookies for him today, but when I got home (and realized how difficult it is to mix batter with no mixer…), that our baking sheet is too big for our oven.  So I put the cookie dough in the fridge until further notice.

I did manage to catch up on some movies this week (in between grading 112 exams, figuring out grades and making comments using the IB Learner Profile to all of 112 of my students), because, you know, watching movies is my all time favorite past time.  Don’t waste your time with Wanderlust, it’s absolutely terrible (and I loved Wet Hot American Summer), but Troll Hunter, a Norweigen film was quite fun; a spoof of Blair Witch Project meets Leprechaun. It played out really well, the trolls were goofy, yet fun, and over all I found it creative and just a fun movie.

Jeff Who Lives at Home wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t all that engaging either, but I love me some Jason Segel. I’m not sure I bought the ending or even the build up to the ending, but I thought the actors did a fine job with a mediocre script.  I think Jason Segel probably has chemistry with every actor he encounters, and it’s worth the watch to see him in a more serious role.

Take This Waltz was the last one I watched directed by Sarah Polley (whom I really love, if we pretend that that movie Splice was not part of her resume) and starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen. I’m fairly certain that Michelle Williams can do no wrong in my eyes, she is quite brilliant, but the movie didn’t capture my attention as much as I wanted it to.  There are some really gorgeous scenes in it though, often times seeming like the whole thing was a dreamland of some sort.  It made me really want to go to Canada; the outdoors scenes really captures its beauty (or at least what I envision it to be).

We saw Prometheus last week, which I was sooo disappointed with.  I adore Alien, but this movie had a horrible, horrible plot and there was zero chemistry between the two lead characters (who were supposed to be in love).  However, it was absolutely stunning to watch, and I’m not even a 3D fan.  It was worth seeing in the theatre just to see the beauty of this movie (and I would do it again in a heartbeat).

And lastly, the dogs apparently find moving exhausting too:

New Apartment

We are moving! Jason found us an amazing apartment in the heart of Miraflores. We will be on the 16th floor, with a spectacular view. You can see part of the apartment here (minus the kitchen an maid’s quarters):Apartment

This apartment is significantly larger, by approximately 30 sq. meters. Both rooms have a queen size bed, large California closets and the master bathroom has a bidet (I will have to get back to you on how a bidet actually works, lol). The best part? We will finally have wireless Internet, something I miss horribly.

We will have a roommate, a dear friend of ours from the States who will be a colleague of my husband. I hope she doesn’t regret moving in with us and our crazy dogs!!

Moving without a car is going to prove to be a challenge, but we have some overlap between leaving our current place and occupying the new place. So we can do the move in shifts instead of trying to figure out how to hire a truck (and if we can trust them).

Also, per our current lease agreement, we are required to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and have all of the window treatments professionally cleaned. Odd yes, but it must be done nonetheless.

I will report back to let you know how the move goes.