So the movers are the biggest PITA ever, and our day bed is still missing in action.  A million thank yous to our dear friend Bailey who has taken on the daunting task of going through our storage unit, saving a few things like pictures/photo albums, DVDs and my jewelry (and then shipping it to us) and hauling the rest off to Goodwill (although Civic Theatre did get our old vacuum).   She might have managed to get a box or two of comic books out of it, and maybe she can sell it and make a fortune off of it them day (how’s that for karma?)…

However, we have some furniture now, and we seem to be settling in.  As a matter of fact, I have two interviews with tutoring companies in the next two weeks, so fingers crossed I will have a job by the end of September.

studyHere is what will end up being the nursery/spare bedroom.  See how we have two twin mattresses but no day bed?


Here is the living area. We have one bookshelf that made it, but I am sure a zillion other shelves are in our future.


And our bedroom (somehow the bed rails didn’t make it out of storage either).  We actually have enough room to put in a bookshelf or a small desk if we wanted to.